The Benefits of Having Parquet Wood Flooring For Your Home

Parquet wood flooring is very popular nowadays. It has high demand in the market due to its unique appearance. Although parquet flooring is more expensive, it is more durable. You can consider having this type of floor for your home sweet home. Seriously speaking, it is great to have parquet floor. There are many benefits you can gain. Let me share with you 5 good points about this particular floor.

No. 1: It is easy to install

Parquet floor can be installed easily. If you need to save cost, you don’t need to hire a professional contractor to install the floor for you. You can do it yourself. Professional installation is only required for high traffic areas or customized floors.

No. 2: It is easy to maintain

This floor can be cleaned and maintained easily. In order to keep the floor clean, you are suggested to use a microfiber dust mop to remove all the dust and dirt particles. Just mop the floor gently and you will be able to get rid of the dust. If you have allergy or asthma, having parquet Wood parquet flooring flooring will make you comfortable. If there are scratches and dents on the floor, they can be fixed in a simple manner. If there is any major damage, you just need to remove the damaged piece and stick a new one with glue. Nowadays, the durability of this flooring is high. You can find scratch and moisture protected flooring which normally comes in 3 options, i.e. waxed, plain finish and pre-oiled finish.

No. 3: It provides great design

Parquet floors have high decorating value. They consist of small pieces of materials which allow the decorators to create various floor patterns. They come with different shades and colors. The most popular one is oak. You can choose from light to dark schemes. If you prefer pine wood, you can choose either brown or dark yellow. The pine wood comes in swirl and stripe designs. Since there are so many different designs available in the market, you can choose any which suits your taste most.

No. 4: It can be placed anywhere

Parquet wood flooring works best anywhere. You can place it in your living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or even your office. Don’t be surprised. You can put this type of floor in your bathroom or kitchen but you need to make sure the type of parquet you choose is moisture resistant. For instance, you are recommended to choose either Brazilian cherry or bamboo as they are more durable in humid areas. Where should you place this flooring in your working place? Many interior designers find that placing it in a conference room or meeting room is ideal.


The Allure of the Parquet Wood Floor

In the olden times, particularly during 1625-1714 or what is known as the Baroque Period in France, the parquet floor was often seen in among the most elegant palaces and affluent homes. It was during this time when the most complex patterns and effects to parquet wood floors were being experimented upon.

However, in modern times, the parquet wood floor is slowly inching its way into humbler homes. It has even come to a point that there is now not only a parquet hardwood floor for the kitchen, there is also a parquet gym floor. This type of flooring is suited to such facilities such as a gym because it can withstand high traffic and is quite resistant to the constant drops of sweat on the gym floor.

The Parquet Wood Floor

A hardwood parquet flooring is actually made of pieces of hardwood that has been cut into square and come in geometric patterns. There are quite a lot of diverse design options when it comes to solid hardwood parquet flooring. These options include the laminate, the solid parquet, the parquet bamboo, the lamparquet, the multilayer and the mosaic, among others. The collection of parquet wood floors come in those that are made from cherry trees, maple, oak, beech and other types of woods.

Its Advantages

The installation of a parquet wood floor in your home is said to have quite a number of benefits aside from the aesthetic allure that it brings. The hardwood flooring could be cleaned quite easily and is more durable against stains and spills. It also has certain environmental advantages over other floor systems that are synthetic in nature or over the use of carpets. Parquet wood flooring is also easy to maintain. Once the flooring shows signs of damage, it can be revived through the application of light sanding and then, it can be resealed with the use of varnish. A parquet hardwood floor is also often installed immediately over a base that is concrete.

The Call for Parquet Flooring

There is now such a high demand for prefabricated parquet wood floors. Most people look for parquet made from beech, which is the most popular wood type used for this type of flooring and is usually preferred over the oak. These prefab parquet wood flooring are now available with surfaces that are waxed, pre-oiled or finished. This is because flooring manufacturers are now trying to make these parquet wood floors into something that could be cared for quite easily and as resistant to scratches as could be. Nowadays, consumers normally opt for the parquet wood flooring that comes in light colors. Right now, manufacturers recommend that parquet be installed through strip flooring.

The Parquet Wood Floor of the Past

In the past, parquet wood flooring was fashioned out of wood strips that were attached into blocks that were square in form. This type of wooden flooring was still very moisture-sensitive and normally bulged or collapsed after being exposed to extreme humidity. Nowadays, parquet wood floors are already made out of plywood or hardwood and is usually applied with a finish that is acquired through lamination. This flooring has already been noted to resist high levels of moisture. Basement level installation of these parquet floors could already even be done.


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